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New faves for the #summer! #sandalsbyreecispieces #love #happycustomer  #personal #sandals #bluenails


Up in the hills.
Jamaica, Jamaica♡
Sorry, I was feeling my makeup yesterday. Kisses!
Last Friday Night.  #uber #selfie #vsco #ootn #gno #bettermood …S/o to @tia_clothesgirl for my #dress 
omggg that’s me! the notes! :O
Selfies everywhere I go  

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Lmaooo ME!

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Anonymous asked: Would you say you're a healthy eater?

Oh how I’ve been trying! It’s hard because I’m addicted to bread and anything that is pastry :( but I dont think I eat a lot of really bad foods though (not that much “fast food”). I’m planning to go back to eating healthy again for this summer since I should have a lil bit more time on my hands to prepare healthy meals. 

Anonymous asked: What are some beautiful beaches or rivers that you suggest visiting in Jamaica?

Frenchman’s Cove, Somerset Falls… anywhere in Portland really… Blue Hole, Fort Clarence, Boardwalk, ahh .. there are so many. Google can help.