Anonymous asked: What are some of your must have or go to closet items?

Ahhh.. the must haves i can think of right now are:

Bottoms : dark wash jeans, medium wash jeans, black jeggings, white shorts, dark wash shorts, black bodycon skirt, neutral pencil skirt…

Tops: black, white and grey tank tops and tees, white button down, black blazer, black cardigan, polo shirt..

Dresses: simple black dress, casual sundress..

And of course a few statement items ( trendy patterned or coloured shirts or bottoms) and statement accessories.

Anonymous asked: What are your plans this summer?
  • make stuff 
  • spend time with the boyfriend 
  • spend time with the girlies 
  • relax
  • party a lil bit
  • room re-do

Anonymous asked: Are you going to E.V.E. on the 30th and what are some outfit ideas you would suggest for the event?

Yeah, more than likely. And it all depends on your style.. but you can easily go for something  like a simple dress with bold jewelry or a bodycon skirt or leggings with a unique top if you don’t know what to wear, you can’t go wrong with that :) 


Anonymous asked: What are some of your favourite blogs?

Wow, I have so many cause I’ve been looking at fashion blogs from probably 2009 but the ones I frequently go on lately are:

Karla’s Closet, Le Blog de Betty, The Glamourai, WhoWhatWear, Style Scrapbook, Late Afternoon, Fashion Toast, The Blonde Salad, Wendy’s Lookbook, The Beauty Department, Fashion Squad, Song of Style, Lovely Pepa, Kenzas, and maaaaaaaaaaany others lol

P.S. sorry for long list :P xx

Anonymous asked: which university are you goin to in september since ur not goin to uwi?


I love waking up to a rainy morning :)

Relay For Life was good :)

Its bedtime now …didn’t get a wink of sleep and I’ve been up from 8am yesterday D:

yes, indeed.
One more exam to goooooo! :)

Reblog if you’re Jamaican ^.^

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Anonymous asked: Which online stores do you shop and stores in JA?

I don’t do much online shopping but when I do it’s almost always Forever 21. As for stores in JA.. no specific ones.. it’s really just whatever I see and I like, I buy lol 

Anonymous asked: Which piercings you thinking of getting?

Double helix piercing (upper cartilage) on the left ear like thisssssss..


I need to hurry and get these piercings before I start thinking about the pain again ..